N2INNOVATIONS provides services to Pennsylvania farmers and foresters including shipping and handling, drying, processing and storage,  manufacturing and packaging, research, and marketing and sales.


Currently developing multiple locations in Central Pennsylvania to provide Drying and Storage of High Value Agricultural Crops. Manufacturing and marketing and sales will be online in 2020.

A Pennsylvania LLC Corporation owned by Pennsylvanians, staffed by Pennsylvanians, providing services to Pennsylvania Farmers..


Our drying and storage facility in Belleville opens in November

Today’s high-value crop needs to be properly dried, ground, and stored to maintain it’s value. In order to handle the output from our own contracted fields, we have leased a warehouse wit suitable features in Belleville PA and are installing new drying systems for both slow and quick drying. We expect some extra capacity to …



354 New Holland Dr.
Belleville, Pa 17004
(814) 218-2804